Scalloped laundry soap is the first high-grade translucent laundry soap developed in China in 1958. It has been sold domestically and exported to Southeast Asia, South America and North America for half a century. Its golden soap body, rich and delicate foam, and the fragrance of the sun have become the brand consumption and experience cognition of consumers.

In 1984, Shanghai Soap Factory trial-produced a new brand of laundry detergent liquid, featuring phosphorus-free environmental protection, good solubility, moderate foam, easy rinsing and good detergency, especially suitable for machine washing. In 2007, the fan brand won the title of China Famous Brand.

In 2012, Shanghai Soap Co., Ltd. developed an upgraded formula fan natural soap solution, adding natural coconut oil essence, plant oil soap base for efficient stain removal and rapid rinsing characteristics, with easy rinsing, strong stain removal, natural mild washing, etc. Advantage.

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Shanpai Laundry soap

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