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Social welfare

Shanghai Soap Co., Ltd. has been actively fulfilling the social responsibilities of corporate citizens: caring for people’s livelihood, helping education, helping the poor, giving back to the society with a high sense of social responsibility and gratitude, philanthropy, charity, caring for the disadvantaged, and serving the society ,Take responsibility.

Bee flower sandalwood soap handmade packaging hand in hand "Sunshine House"

As early as 2007, under the coordination of the Yangpu District Disabled Persons’ Federation, Shanghai Soap Co., Ltd. took the lead in importing the “Bee Flower Sandalwood Handmade Packaging” labor project in the “Sunshine Base” of Yinhang Street in Yangpu District, which will help the mentally handicapped students’ skills training and Rehabilitation.

After seven years of joint efforts and careful cultivation, the two sides have developed and expanded to the seven “sunshine bases” in Yangpu District, including Yinxing Street, Daqiao Street, Yanji Street, Wujiaochang Town, Siping Street, Pingliang Street and Dinghai Street. Nearly 300 students involved in the base…

a piece of love soap into the United Nations

As an international development agency, the United Nations Population Fund is committed to promoting the right of women, men and children to a healthy life and equal opportunities.

At the end of 2017, the United Nations Population Fund’s China partners through the United Nations business ordered the first batch of 110 grams of UN soap 30,000 pieces from Shanghai Soap Co., Ltd. After 4 months, in May 2018, I received another order for 90,000 soaps, and completed the order delivery at the end of June…

Shanghai love soap, in the name of Shanghai, soap for love

On January 18, 2019, Shanghai Soap launched the United Nations soap with the same Shanghai soap, and launched in the Tmall Shanghai soap flagship store!

Shanghai Love Soap, in the spirit of a piece of soap, a love, a heart, the red flag of the “Public Welfare Baby” is marked in the upper right corner of the main picture, and every group sold in the Tmall Shanghai soap flagship store will pass the poverty alleviation in China. The Foundation donates 20% of the transaction amount to children in poverty-stricken areas or disaster areas, and each group donates!

Caring for love, making soap for love, interpreting responsibility and responsibility with love. We are serious in doing charity. We are not only soap makers, but also communicators of love. Let us help us together!