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Pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights

Shanghai Soap Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, protects the company’s intellectual property rights, and promotes the healthy development of enterprises. Shanghai Soap Co., Ltd. fully recognizes that with the rise of economic globalization and the knowledge economy, the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises is more reflected in the competition of intellectual property rights. Whoever has more independent intellectual property rights will be in the domestic and foreign markets. More control is obtained, and the results of technological innovation must be protected in the form of law, so that innovation can form market exclusive rights, create benefits for enterprises, and promote healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.

As of December 31, 2018, Shanghai Soap Co., Ltd. has 17 national effective invention patents.

Serial numberInvention patent nameApplication countryAuthorization Number
1Washing machine tank cleaning agentChinaZL 200610027492.9
2Method for preparing synthetic soapChinaZL 200710044427.1
3Weak acid emollient synthetic soapChina ZL 200710044428.6
4Liquid detergent for underwearChinaZL 200910194670.0
5Efficient laundry detergentChinaZL 200910194669.8
6Low foaming liquidChinaZL 200910194668.3
7Fabric softenerChinaZL 201010266190.3
8Boric acid soapChinaZL 201110083020.6
9Infant laundry detergentChinaZL 201210383015.1
10SoapChinaZL 201310504582.2
11Neutral emollient cleansing soapChinaZL 201410674325.8
12Shampoo soapChinaZL 201410494449.8
13 Capsule type laundry detergent China ZL 201510094973.0
14 Cold soap China ZL 201510094989.1
15 Transparent soap China ZL 201510094974.5
16 Clothes leader special stain soap China ZL 201610153305.5
17 Mosquito repellent soap China ZL 201510255726.4

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