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Committed to quality product development

The Technical Center of Shanghai Soap Co., Ltd. is a municipal-level enterprise technology center. In November 2000, it was recognized by experts organized by the Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center Office. In October 2014, it was recognized as a high-tech enterprise by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Municipal Finance Department, Shanghai Municipal State Taxation Bureau and Shanghai Local Taxation Bureau.

Shanghai Soap Co., Ltd. Technology Center is an important part of the company’s innovation system. It is a research institute specializing in the development of new products in the fields of personal washing care, fabric washing care, household cleaning and professional detergents. His current research interests include soaps, fabric detergents, industrial additives, and oleochemicals. The center has been committed to the research and development of green products and technological innovation products. Every year, a number of new products are put on the market and have received good market feedback.

The Shanghai Soap Technology Center has facilities such as soap product research room, detergent research room, analytical testing laboratory, library information room and computer information center. It has more than 10 sets of large-scale precision instruments such as color red, color, gas chromatography, infrared and high-pressure liquid chromatography; there are more than 10,000 books on professional technology and tools. The Center attaches great importance to extensive cooperation with universities and research institutes, pays attention to the development trend of technical products in the domestic and international washing industry, and strengthens cooperation and exchanges with the international community.